Hi. I’m Zoe Taylor.

I am a creative homebody that finds oh too much pleasure in the little things. Whether it’s a towel fresh out of the dryer, a song that makes me dance, or finally remembering that word on the tip of my tongue- I spoil myself in these moments. In these moments that tend to slip away, I make an effort to indulge in them because they are the moments that mean the most. I call them “Everyday Inspirations”.

In a time where our lives are nipped and tucked it’s hard to spot out these moments when they’re compared to “lives” that are completely fake. The Everyday Inspirations can get lost under all the editing but they do still exist and if you’re someone that has ahard time spotting them, my advice is to create them. Take an extra sugar in your coffee, wear the dress because you feel like it, eat the pasta. All of it.

When you start creating these moments for yourself they will be easier to spot if they come your way and that’s exactly what I’m doing here. I’m creating a space to collect all of my inspirations and share them with you.

Un-filtered, un-edited, and unapologetically me.

Zoe. Un-tailored.