October Mood Board

I’ll be honest, October is the last hanging hope of September in my mind. I’m not a huge Halloween fan, and I don’t want to face the reality of winter weather quite yet (even though it’s nearly impossible in Calgary) so I always try to make October extra sweet and cozy. No spooky decorations… just soft knits, fresh baked goods, and candles lit whenever I’m home.

This is Kieran and I’s first fall being in a house together rather than an apartment which means we’re hosting Thanksgiving for both of our families and I couldn’t be more excited. I already know I’ll be using Plated’s Thanksgiving turkey recipe, I’ve made it before and it’s to die for. All I need to convince you is three words: Citrus. Herb. Butter. I’ll definitely be delegating side dishes to family members but I’ve decided to provide a dessert as well so if you have any favourite fall sweets, please leave a recommendation down below!


This month’s mood board might not be what you’d expect for October. Like I mentioned before, Halloween isn’t a huge focus of mine and I actually find that the typical “Inspo” you find at this time of year can be a bit… tacky. Don’t get me wrong, I love Fall and it may be my favourite season, but my fall inspiration comes from colours with more depth, lots of layers, differing textures, and produce and florals that only sprout in the cooler months. As you’ll see in an upcoming blog post, there are so many ways you can celebrate fall, and even decorate for it, beyond candy corn and signs that say “Boo!”

I’m curious to know if I’m the only one who looks for less traditional fall inspiration, so tell me, are you all about “Spooky Season” or do you try to hang onto September like me?